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How To Survive In the 21st Century

This is not just another book about health, it is about survival

What you need to know to survive in the 21st century—and not simply become another casualty.

Do you know how many man-made pollutants you have floating around in your body right now?

Do you know what chemicals are most likely being passed on to your children?

Do you know that some of the chemicals are passed on via the umbilical cord and via breastfeeding?

Can you do anything about it?

The answer is ‘Yes you can, we all can.’

This book examines the major sources of our chemical exposure and looks at a number of factors that have direct implications for our health. Can serious diseases be prevented? Can we avoid falling prey to the ravages of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome? We suggest that these conditions are metabolic illnesses and therefore much of this type of problem can be prevented by making simple changes to our lifestyles.

What is more, we advocate the well-over-due reformation of agriculture. We advocate paying farmers to create fertile soil, which creates fertile and healthy plants, which creates fertile and healthy animals which include us. Currently, government subsidies actively encourage the form of industrial agriculture that destroys soil fertility and does not help the farmers that want to create healthy food.

We show how the destruction of our health is directly linked to corporate interests. Corporate behaviour is becoming seriously threatening to our health and welfare. Their pathological pursuit of profits above all else leads to a seriously unhealthy relationship, where they may actively damage our health but see this as not an issue for concern. Find out how they do this and what we can do to prevent this.

This book shows how this unhealthy state of affairs is further damaging as corporations actively seek to externalise their costs onto us as taxpayers, leaving us with the pollution and the clean-up costs for example, and the ever-increasing costs of healthcare due to the illness they create. This leads to massive profits which they use to subvert our governing institutions, regulatory bodies and our respective governments, making a mockery of our democracy.

This book suggests that urgent changes are required not just for our own survival, but for humanity as a whole.

We show how the solutions to all our health issues are available to us. We need to change our thinking. We need to become better informed to enable us not to join the ranks of the increasing number of victims and take charge of our health prospects, and that of our children and by doing so create a healthy and sustainable future, a world fit for humanity as a whole.

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